The Park National Rincon de la Vieja is located on the Mountain range of Guanacaste, located to 27 Km. to the northeast of the Liberia city. It has an extension of 14.083.9 hectares. One of the big benefits of this wild area is the protection of basins hydrographical. The solid of the Volcano; has 1.916 meters of altitude. The last strong eruptive period was 1991. Now, the Volcano presents activity fumarólica. To the foot of the volcano, of the south side, they plows the called areas Las Pailas and to the north side the area called path Waterfall La Cangreja, these two areas cover to surface of some 350 hectares, there that presents diverse habitat, due to the differences in altitude and in precipitation. In this park, one can observe per year around 257 species of birds, diverse mammals, abundant quantity of insects and typical reptiles of the rain forest and dray forest
For the great quantity of tourists with different physical conditions and likes for the nature.

This tour consists on to natural hike along 3, 22 kilometers, in the surroundings of the south bases of the volcano. For the road, we make several stops to photograph the marvels of the forest.
Our guide took them to an open area, where they will discover several smoky ponds of water of sulfur, I sweep bubbling, and fumaroles related with the volcanic activity. After admiring this natural process, we begin to ascend in the rainforest, entering deeper in the gives you and exuberant vegetation.
Our guide helped them to discover many particulars of the forest like: The monkeys, the Ants of the Tiger, the Trees of Fig of Strangler, the iguanas, the agoutis, the toucan, the butterfly Morph and many other than we dog find lives.
Tour includes: Bilingual guide, A/c transportation, lunch and entrance fees.
What to bring: Long or short pants, hiking shoes similar or, bugs spray sunscreen, binoculars, hat, raincoat and cameras.
Duration: 8 hrs.

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